portland tree removal permit cost

For up-to-date and accurate information, please visit portlandoregon.gov/trees. To be used along with a Tree Removal & Replanting Permit Application for private property trees that are less than 20 inches in diameter on a site that is in a regulated plan district or overlay zone. Staff will let the applicant know if the property is in a regulated historic or environmentally sensitive. Determine if your tree is in a specially regulated Overlay Zone or Plan District, Determine if a Land Use Review governs tree preservation, Tree Removal and Replanting Permit Application, Instructions for Tree Removal and Replant Permit Application, Staff Only – PBOT Safety Hazard Tree Removal Application, Administrative Rule for Tree Planting Requirements, Tree Removal and Replanting Permit Appeals, Tree Pruning Permit - Inspection Required, Self-Issued Online Pruning Permit Application, Online Street Tree Permit Application (non-removal), Street Tree Permit Application (non-removal) for downloading, Public Notice of Pending Programmatic Permits, BES Watershed Revegetation Programmatic Permit 2019-2021, CenturyLink Programmatic Permit 2019-2021, Community Gardens Programmatic Permit 2017-2020, Environmental Services Tree Program Programmatic Permit 2018-2020, Hoyt Arobretum Programmatic Permit 2019-2023, Multnomah County Drainage District 2018 - 2022, PBOT Maintenance Operations Programmatic Permit 2018 - 2020, PBOT Traffic Operations Programmatic Permit 2018 - 2020, Port of Portland Programmatic Permit 2018 - 2022, Portland Public Schools Permit 2018 - 2022, Portland Streetcar Programmatic Permit 2018 - 2022, Water Bureau Programmatic Permit 2017-2020, Street Tree Permit Application (non-removal), Street Tree Attachment Permit Application, Street Tree Ornamental Lighting Guidelines. It may vary by tree species and 3.15 Forgot your username or password? The average cost of tree removal is $871 with the average range being from $225 to $3,900. An Urban Forestry Tree Inspector will be dispatched to the site right away to remove the hazard and issue an emergency permit for the pruning or removal of the hazard tree. Here is what you should expect when hiring your Tree Removal Company: Expert Tree Care Evaluation Safe Removal of Tree How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree? For each of these classes of trees, there is a permitting process but the requirements and fees vary (fee range $75-$1,000). While some trees on private property do not require city of Portland permits to remove, others do based on their precise location. Tigard There are six situations in which tree removal requires a permit in Tigard – if they are street trees, median trees, sensitive lands trees, urban forestry … Oregon Tree Care is a company of arborists specializing in tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding throughout the Portland Oregon Metro area. Replanting Waiver Application (197.77 KB), Neighbor Planting Consent Form (232.68 KB), Manager of our urban forest infrastructure. The City requires formal approval for removal of ‘street trees’ which grow in the public right-of-way, on private property, trees over a certain size or in a certain district may also require permitting. If either of these could be a problem, the cost will go up. Trees requested for Removal: # of Private tree(s): # of Street tree(s): NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEES Payable to “City of Portland” Base fee of $100 for up to 3 trees. Private trees: Generally a removal permit is needed for trees 12" and larger. Box 34996 Though it may seem thrifty to bypass this process, fines of … Trees and vegetation play an important part in managing stormwater, stabilizing slopes, providing habitat, reducing air pollution, and contributing to neighborhood character initiate a Tree Pruning or Tree Removal Permit, please complete an application form and return it to the City Arborist Office. What Trees Almost Never Require A Permit? To be used along with a Tree Removal & Replanting Permit Application for private property trees that are less than 20 inches in diameter on a site that is in a regulated plan district or overlay zone. See something we could improve on this page? On page 3, under the section titled “Please list number and species of trees to replant” enter number of trees you wish to replant (the requirement is usually one tree planted for each tree removed) and under the species write “ Friends of Trees. Give website feedback. Taking down a tree in Portland will cost residents between $504 and $706, with an average quote of $605 for the job. Create an Account », 1900 SW 4th Avenue All applications must be complete and accurate with verifiable photos and correct payment. Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry -Removal and Replant Application Instructions– Updated 7/2020 | page 3 Tree photos • Photos must be submitted to expedite permit issuance for private trees only, if qualified. A permit fee is required.

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